Friday, October 10, 2008

An incident at the park

Huey and I were at the playground, playing on the slides, when a blond man, the father of a beautiful two-year-old girl, walked up to the low railing surrounding the park and said to a man sitting on the bench just outside the park, “Are you staring at my daughter?”

The man, a nondescript white man in his 40s, looked at him quizzically.

“You’re staring at my daughter. I saw you,” said the blond man.

“Whatever, man,” said the guy on the bench. “I’m just sitting here. It’s a public park.”

“But you’re staring at my daughter, aren’t you? Aren’t you staring at my daughter?”

By this point, their confrontation was starting to draw stares from the other parents.

“Are you a fucking idiot?” said the man on the bench, getting agitated. “It’s a public park. I’m just sitting here watching. It’s a public park. I’m not doing anything. It’s a public park.”

“You can keep repeating that it’s a public park,” said the blond man, calmly, “but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re staring. And it’s making me very uncomfortable. Why are you here? You don’t have any kids with you, so why are you here?”

“It’s a public park… My wife… our kids… It’s a public park, what the fuck?”

“Men without kids don’t belong here. Please leave. Now.”

“Whatever. Fuck you.” And so the man on the bench left.

The other parents murmured their approval, staring after the guy, as if trying to memorize his features.

I hadn’t noticed the guy staring, but we’d only just gotten there. It’s sad that the sight of a man sitting on a bench outside of a kid’s park immediately raises red flags. He could have just been enjoying the sunshine and the sound of the kids’ laughter.

But maybe not. And that’s why I, too, was a little relieved when he left.


Les Jacobs said...

I was sympathetic to how you feel, but my wife thinks the father should have gone elsewhere, rather than cause the other guy to leave. There are people, after all, who take great joy in simply watching children play. A cute, blond little girl would have been even more enjoyable to watch. Many elderly people like to sit and watch too, and there's no harm in that.

Anonymous said...

All males are a clear and present danger to society, females, children and pets.

In fact, the authorities should have been called immediately.

And, for safety sake, since most children are molested by blood relatives or family friends, all male parents present should have been apprehended and their children handed over to child protective services to be interviewed to ascertain if any possibility of criminal activity has occurred.

Even though females also abuse children in many ways we, as a society, generally do not view females as a threat as we do males. Thus, allow the females to remain.

Imagine how much safer we would FEEEEEEL if there were no males in any public place!!!!!

Perhaps, for the good of women and children, all males should be segregated and not allowed within what? Perhaps not allowed within 500 feet of any woman or child?

Something does need to be done to save society from males.

If even one child is saved no cost is too prohibitive.